FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: LOTEMAX

User Comments:

For Cyclitis “I had a blocked tear duct with inflammation and this worked almost instantly after trying other drops.”

Mona Lisa (taken for less than 1 month) May 3, 2017

For Keratitis “Ok stuff”

JACK75 November 7, 2016

For Seasonal Allergic Conjunctivitis “Started working within a day”

Anonymous (taken for less than 1 month) November 1, 2016

For Conjunctivitis “What a nightmare! I normally do not have adverse reactions to prescriptions, but I had such severe eye pain when using these drops that I had to be taken into the ER of Bascom Palmer Eye Hospital in Miami where it took multiple medical personnel a long time to even pry my eyes open–I was literally screaming in pain. If you’ve ever experienced kidney stones (I have) imagine that continuous sharp pain but all in your eyes. I thought I would never see again. This side effect of Map-Dot Corneal Dystrophy (Corneal Erosion Episode) from these drops is unbelievablePlease do not use these drops if there is an alternative available to you. Ask your doctor to recommend something else. I have no problems with Tobradex, which is also a steroid drop.”

mygirlfriend January 13, 2016

For Iritis “I went to my doctor for general eye irritation and most likely an incorrect fitting of my current contacts which is causing eye irritation. I was prescribed Lotemax, 1 drop in each eye, 4 x day. Obviously Lotemax is a steriod. I have NO history of anxiety or mental illness. After first day I noticed I was having weird thoughts that I couldn’t get out of my head. In the days that followed, I started to have SEVERE anxiety with full blown panic attacks. I was scared to be around my husband and my children worried that I might cause them harm or them harming themselves, or somehow being subjected to harm… my worst fear. I was manic with worry and paranoia and cried repeatedly. I stopped the meds and the symptoms started to disappear.”

T. Lee November 11, 2015

For Seasonal Allergic Conjunctivitis “I was prescribed Lotemax for eye pain, burning, crying, itching and swelling of my eyes due to allergies. I felt IMMEDIATE RELIEF! The sclura (white of eye) felt comfortable instantly, I havent had any burning, itching or tearing in 5 days…..only draw back is its a steroid and can only used for 7 days….. :0(“

Pam C. May 26, 2015

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