FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: LOPINAVIR; RITONAVIR

User Comments:

Kaletra (lopinavir / ritonavir) for HIV Infection: “Since I’ve been changed to Viread/ Epivir/ + Kaletra, my viral load has remained constantly Undetecable for ~4 Yrs; my T-cell count went from 210 to 325 very quickly; in the last year, with no changes to anything my V-load remains undetectable & my T-cell count has soared to 725!!! Sounds fantastic. However, during this same period of rapid TC rise I have slowly become more & more tired, weak, & my bones ache from head to toe. I no longer have the strength to ride my horse or even do the yard work. My Doctor believes I may be suffering from Lactic Acidosis. But he is convinced that it is because of the Viread ~ NOT because of the Kaletra. I will now be replacing Viread with Abacavir & CONTINUE taking Kaletra. Hope it works.”

Anonymous October 4, 2009

Kaletra (lopinavir / ritonavir) for HIV Infection: “I have been undetectable for a long time.”

Anonymous November 24, 2008

For HIV Infection: “Although I have only been on Kaletra for a short time, side effects have been minimal. The once daily dosage is easy to comply with. Being able to take the pills with or without food is also convenient.”

lorenhays September 4, 2008

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