FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: LAMICTAL ODT

User Comments:

For Bipolar Disorder “I suffered with mental health issues for many years I refused to take antidepressants until I met with a mental health doctor. I got diagnosed with Bipolar type 2 Since taking this medication my life has changed I can work full time and have had NO suicidal thoughts and hardly get tearfulBut I have experienced memory loss short term thoughts a bit more forgetful”

PrincessAbbas95 (taken for 1 to 2 years) September 1, 2017

For Bipolar Disorder “I’d give 10 stars, but after 5 yrs on this med I feel as I’m becoming dependent and immune at the same time. I take 400mg/daily and if I miss a dose by1 hr I get a horrible headache. Meanwhile for the past yr I feel as if I need to bump up the doses. My psychiatrist said that 400mg is a very high dose and she’s not comfortable exceeding. I take the dissolving tablets, which I found is a slow release and I’m able to get thru my day more easily. Also, because this is a brand name, is very hard to find it in stock! I definitely would recommend this drug, after trying numerous, this was the one that controlled my mood swings without side effects.”

Bisi November 7, 2013

For Bipolar Disorder “It has helped me stabilize my moods. No so yo-yo any more its more of a even kiln.”

bipolar mama (taken for 2 to 5 years) January 22, 2013

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