FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: JARDIANCE

User Comments:

For Diabetes, Type 2 “I also have been taking this drug for about 2 months, I have one side effect ( if this indeed is causing it) I feel nauseous, not excessive but enough to make life uncomfortable, I could pee for England but the weight has dropped off me, I am now 14 stone and 7 pounds, I have been as high as 18 stone, just hoping the sickness fades away in time”

Hesmo (taken for less than 1 month) March 7, 2018

For Diabetes, Type 2 “I have been taking jardiance since December 2017. Before jardiance my A1C was 12.4 which is dangerous high blood glucose average 250 plus. After taking this med I have had phenomenal results – my blood sugar fasting 88-115 after dinner 110-140. My new A1C is 7.2 and yes I pee and drink a lot of water but my glucose is under control and I have lost 8lbs. I’m very happy with jardiance .41 yo male no other side effects.”

Deon (taken for 1 to 6 months) March 1, 2018

For Diabetes, Type 2 “Been on Jardiance now for 6 months . Have lost 21 Lbs . Yes you pee a lot and drink more but it is well worth it . My A1C is 6.2. Got one UTI then it went away . Just follow up with your Doc and you will be fine . I’m 60 and this is the first diabetic drug that has really helped me . Plus , the weight loss is a added plus. “

Bob (taken for 6 months to 1 year) February 25, 2018

For Diabetes, Type 2 “Was on Jardiance for about a year. Greatly reduced my A1C, but had many recurring UTI’s and yeast infections. Had a severe UTI that sent me into the ICU with sepis. Due to repeated yeast infections wound up with urinary candidiasis causing a fungal ball in the renal pelvis of my kidney. Will not touch Jardiance or any other SLGT2 inhibitor medication with a 10ft pole.”

McQ (taken for 6 months to 1 year) February 22, 2018

For Diabetes, Type 2 “I have been taking Jardiance about 2 months. I was so happy to see my glucose numbers in the morning and lost 8 lbs. I drink a lot of water and pee A LOT. I notice about my urine is thick during my cleaning my toilet. After 2 months later I got pain in male part when I pull up my skin. Feeling of pain is get cut with raise blade. I run to my doctor and discuss about this problem, he to me to stop jardiance immediately. The pain go away in 2 day. It is so frustrated, I like it for glucose level and my body weight has gone down with Jardiance but can’t continue. Now my glucose go up and my weight up 3 lb in 5 day. I hope this problem can be solved soon.”

Maleinpain February 12, 2018

For Diabetes, Type 2 “Yes it lowered my A-1C, Yes it lowered my blood sugar, but after 4 months of going from one UTI WITH vaginal yeast infection to another I cannot stand those side effects anymore. I stopped it.”

RuthH2 (taken for 1 to 6 months) February 7, 2018

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