FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: IMIQUIMOD

User Comments on Imiquimod:

For Basal Cell Carcinoma:

“After my first 3 weeks & follow up doc has me on second lot of 3 weeks (5 days on, 2 off.) My BCC has a large raised scab & is red/raw. But, thankfully, it’s on top of my head so it isn’t noticeable. The main side effects for me have been “tasting” the imiquimod inside my mouth (yuk). I know that it’s mostly used for human papilloma virus caused itchy treatment, but anyway. I’ve also experienced fatigue and sort of a “blue” feeling. But I’m happy my immune system is working well with the creme. I now wear hats religiously in the sun. If something on your head feels like a pimple and doesn’t go away see your dermatologist ASAP. I feel very thankful that this spot was a BCC and not a melanoma. Good luck on your healing journey.”

Imiquimod, human Papilloma Virus and itchy
I feel blue after taking the drug.

Lisa March 11, 2018

For Human Papilloma Virus:

“My MD prescribed generic Aldara 5% 3x a week for 16 weeks. Additionally, I get a herbal OTC regimen of 4000 iu of D3 daily, Vit C 1000mg daily, Olive Leaf 18% capsule 430mg daily, Black Elderberry 350mg daily, Echinacea 760mg daily and anti stress vitamin (brand name: stress tabs) 2 daily. In fact, after my 2nd treatment of my 3rd week, my severe HPV outbreak has completely healed. Aldara 5% is extremely potent and burns really bad upon application to the male groin area. From my experience, ease your way into using Aldara 5%. Start with just 1/4 of the single-use packet on your first couple of applications and slowly ease in more cream with each consecutive use. At the beginning of my 3rd week of treatment, the burning sensation was no longer present with use. And I will continue to use for a few more weeks.”

Ace1982 (taken for 1 to 6 months) March 9, 2018

For Human Papilloma Virus: itchy and burning

“I’m a 18 year old girl who got diagnosed with low risk Human Papilloma Virus 5 days ago. I am unsure how many I have but they are near my vaginal opening and are so swollen to the point it is swollen shut. In fact, my warts are extremely itchy, and applying pressure to sooth it doesn’t help long. The first night I applied this cream, it wasn’t too bad. But the next day it burned a lot. The following day, when I did not apply the medication, there was barely any itching and the warts appeared to be going down! Yet , that night (Thursday night) I applied the medication and Friday it burned and itched ALL day. After walking around nonstop for 4-6 hours each shift, the warts got so irritated that I started crying. This morning it feels better and the bumps seem to be drying out.

Imiquimod, human Papilloma Virus and itchy

Anonymous March 3, 2018

For Human Papilloma Virus:

“So I found out I had anogenital warts about two weeks ago and took prescription about a week ago. I was expecting to have to use imiquimod for the full 4 weeks that my gyno prescribed me but I already look and feel completely clear. This product was very effective for me. The first few days there was an intense irritation/itchiness. I wanted to stop putting using it cause I was so itchy! But my boyfriend suggested I finish out the week before stopping/contacting my gyno and I’m glad I did!”

Tia February 27, 2018

For Human Papilloma Virus:

“48 years old, married 15 years and a mom. Never had this and all of a sudden noticed 2 GW. However, neither of us has been outside our marriage and we heard this could have been in one of our systems for years. Used imiquimod, feel burn , really red and swollen, but may have applied to much. Will use less and give another week to see any difference. This has really turned me off from sex!! HATE This.”

Notsohappywomen (taken for less than 1 month) February 14, 2018

For Keratosis:

“I am on day 11 now. At day 7 my doctor saw me and stated that I may have more severe reaction. He suggested to stick to two weeks but if not, just as long as I could stand it. It was for a lesion on my nose. I look like Rudolf, yes. It is very red and blistery yes. The skin is also thickening and I look horrendous. I do have the flu like symptoms, but what is making me stop is the histamine reaction and that everything got super itchy. With my nose already super swollen and my neck swollen from the swollen glands, I am sure to have breathing difficulty. I only hope that I have tried enough imiquimod for this to work. If it works, it will be worth it, but I will be very reluctant if I have to do it again.”

Imiquimod, human Papilloma Virus and itchy
Swollen glands

CDW687 February 10, 2018

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