FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: HABITROL

User Comments:

For Smoking Cessation “The patches work great. No itching or other side effects to my skin. Only downfall to the product is the patches are not waterproof & come off after being exposed to water. Plus even after washing my skin with alcohol, I still need to put tape over the patch to keep on for the day. Great product otherwise.”

ohiojoe (taken for less than 1 month) May 7, 2017

For Smoking Cessation “Don’t know how good they r as they wont stick for more than 3 are 4 hrs ….”

Bamma boy (taken for less than 1 month) November 26, 2016

For Smoking Cessation “I quit cold turkey for 6 years and then had a slip, I went on Habitrol and it made quitting amazingly easy by comparison. I had another slip and went on Nicoderm, the itching sensation literally drove me mad and I ripped it off and through it in the garbage. Habitrol had some very mild itching as well but it was easily manageable and dissipated shortly. My mom was told she was having an “allergic reaction” to Nicoderm because the itching was very severe and I’ve known a handful of people personally who experienced the exact same thing, a maddening itch, sometimes even an actual rash from Nicoderm patches. Habitrol was way better for me and I would without a second thought-recommend it over Nicoderm.”

ReligiosityIsNotSane (taken for 1 to 6 months) November 26, 2015

For Smoking Cessation “I received Habitrol 21mg free from NYQUITS. Started it on Feb. 1st. for 14 days. Worked GREAT for me. I then purchased Nicoderm after that and got such SEVERE rashes on my arms that I had to go to my doctor to get medications. He said it was probably the glue from the patch. Now back on Habitrol. This stuff is the BEST.”

jjjf February 26, 2015

For Smoking Cessation “I started Habitrol because when I quit drinking alcohol, I started smoking and eating everything in sight. The Habitrol not only curbed my craving for alcohol, it curbed ALL of my cravings for substances I’ve struggled with for years. I stopped using the patch for 2 days, and ate a whole batch of brownies to keep from drinking or smoking.Don’t know how this story will end, but whatever is in this product is a blessing to those of us suffering with addictions.”

Yazooliu February 7, 2013

For Smoking Cessation “I used the Habitrol patches over 16 years ago. Once I really decided to quit, I got rid of every trace of cigarettes in my home and car, then I put on the patch. I used the first round of patches for the prescribed time, the second round for two weeks and the third round for one week. I never looked back and remain nicotine free to this day. I did keep the “left over” patches for a about a year in case I had a relapse but never needed them. I would recommend the Habitrol patch very highly. Now if they only had a good appetite supressent for all the weight I gained afterwards.”

neeroc December 23, 2008

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