FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: EXUBERA

User Comments:

For Diabetes, Type 2 “I thought it was pretty awesome stuff, but thanks to 6(out of 4000) old, broken down, lifetime smokers it’s no longer with us. When I found out Pfizer stopped making it, it was like a little piece of me died. Now I get to stab myself a few times a day to stay alive. Such fun. 6 out of 4000! Really? 0.15%? What a shame. % of Americans with lung cancer in 2008 was 7.3%.”

Anonymous December 11, 2009

For Diabetes, Type 2 “My husband and I both love Exubera. It gave him more control and gave him back his dignity. He is needle phobic and I had to give him his insulin shots. This also limited my freedom as I had to be there twice a day to administer the shot. So no overnight visits to my Mom unless he went too. With Exubera, diet and exercise, he was able to completely eliminate insulin shots. He also said that the shots were very painful for him and his skin became very sensitive and bruised.”

winters748 January 17, 2009

For Diabetes, Type 1 “I have been an insulin dependant diabetic for fifty years and have taken about 35,000 injections. I’m totally convinced that Exubera is the greatest development in the treatment of diabetes since the discovery of insulin.I have been on Exubera now for two years but have supplies left for only about 4 months.My blood glucose test results have improved dramatically since I started using Exubera.Would one of you medical companies please please restart production but this time market it properly.”

blueriskbgooglemail.com January 4, 2009

For Diabetes, Type 2 “I have been using Exubera from its first availability and it has greatly improved my sugar level. It’s much easier than using injections. I will be eagerly awaiting its future and hope that another drug company will be interested in supplying it as Pfizer has decided to no longer make it.”

Anonymous November 1, 2008

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