FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: EURAX

User Comments:

For Pruritus “I just read what the medicine was designed for. Surprised. I have used Eurax G for the past 20 years. I obtained two tubes of it while in Japan. I have found that it promotes healing of cuts, scratches, and other minor injuries faster than any other medicine I have tried. I have also used it effectively for small areas of poison ivy/sumac as well as other minor skin irritations. I do not have scabies nor ever had scabies.Maybe my experience applies only to me. But I can attest to it’s effectiveness for ME. I must emphasize however that it is for Eurax “G”. There are other letter categories for Eurax, but “G” works for me for the conditions I mentioned.”

US Marine Retired September 5, 2016

For Pruritus “I use this cream when my eczema flairs up its a great help to relieve itching i use it a lot and dont know what id do without it.”

Nichola Everard March 3, 2016

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