FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: EFUDEX

User Comments:

For Skin Cancer “At 65yo and lifetime in the sun and numerous treatments including surgery, cryotherapy etc Doctor said will have to use Efudix to whole face as had untold AK’s plus Bowens Disease. Told it was a ”brutal” treatment. He was right.All I can say is that this treatment was the most painfull experience in my life. By week two I was in agony but forced myself to continue the three week treatment. A word of warning. Under no circumstances get this stuff on your genitals. I did and it was agonising. Pain so intense sent me into depression for 3 months. Results were excellent however and no regrets.”

Philpara (taken for less than 1 month) November 16, 2017

For Keratosis “I was diagnosed with actinic keratosis in August and then decided to apply the Efudex cream to face in the middle of September. I thought that I only had a couple of spots which I was concerned about but after applying the cream to my forehead, temples, cheeks, nose, around the eyes and my ears it became quite apparent that there were a vast amount of areas that had been affected.In the First week I saw that these areas became inflamed although not painful.In the second week these areas started to merge together and then look like blisters and sores on my face, especially below my eyes.In the third week these started to scab a little and became a bit painful I think due to the skin feeling very dry. I am now in my fourth and final week”

Sargie56 October 7, 2017

For Actinic Keratosis “I have a question not comment please. I’m on day 6 if 14 days application. No reaction. Is this normal? I’m applying thin layer 2 times a day. Am I doing something wrong or us this normal?”

Deewithcancer (taken for less than 1 month) September 17, 2017

For Actinic Keratosis “I had a small spot on nose. Used this twice a date for 14 days. Spot became very red and got scabby where the precancer is on skin. After 14 days stopped treatment. Now in healing process. Using Vaseline twice day. Scabs are showing coming off on own. DON’T PEEL. AREA very red but becoming less a bit. I hear it takes a few weeks for the redness to subside. So far so good. Not too much discomfort. I did get depressed doing this though as it’s my face and I didn’t want you go in public.”

Tjdh1 (taken for less than 1 month) August 17, 2017

For Keratosis “Have applied for three weeks once a day. Increased to twice this last week. MY face is quite red and sore and I am amazed at how many spots have come out. Will continue for a few more days. This site has encouraged me. I wasn’t sure whether to keep going.”

Zakatan (taken for less than 1 month) August 4, 2017

“Using this caused my lips to bleed and all the skin on my lips turned black and it was like acid eating at my lips! I was not men remotely able to find any pain relief. From Oxycodone to Dilauded the ER docs could not help me! Nothing worked so I was sent to a pharmacist which makes compounds. We spent 3 hours we experimented with different lidocaine solutions. The raw pain even with the lidocaine was so intense that I lost my breath and couldn’t breath. Very scary but with this pain of simply flesh eating my lips I was not aware that pain could be this bad! I am a trauma nurse and nothing prepared me for this! Any suggestions out there! I wake in a pool of blood and I am starting to see a little improvement!”

annmarmacgmail.com June 10, 2017

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