FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: EFFEXOR XR

User Comments:

For Depression “Was put on Effexor after hallucinating on Prozac. What a relief. It worked for a good 14-15 Years, till it turns on you. Just starts out as a migraine or a click in your knee, then the shoulder, and then the unsteadiness and loss of coordination. Then the brain zaps that keep you from relaxing. The Doctors would not say “It’s the Med.” So I called the FDA. Hey, I am waking with brain Zaps, and blood on my pillow from a bloody nose. I also am too weak to get up, have muscle spasms, have slurred speech and am confused. FDA.. Call your Doctor.. Called. Doctor… “Cant be the Efforex XR. ” rubbish! Went to Pharmacy, asked the Pharmacist who said get off this one.. “Effexor XR” This is the cause of your problems.”

Ah Poop (taken for 10 years or more) March 7, 2018

For Panic Disorder “Helped me immensely for my Panic Disorder for over 10 years! No side effects except when increasing or decreasing. One time I was put on too much and had very bad side effects, but once they got the dosage correct everything was fine. I’ve use this along with clonazapam, with excellent results for over 10 years!!”

Deb from Philly March 7, 2018

For Anxiety “I developed severe IBS-D and OCD anxiety symptoms building into agoraphobia, which became progressively worse, to include suicidal thoughts and led to a legitimate nervous breakdown. My doctor prescribed Effexor supplemented for a short time with Clonazepam to get through this period and I was able to within a few weeks. An overlooked effect of this drug is that my stomach issues improved CONSIDERABLY (75mg), while Zoloft had made it worse. I highly recommend this for anyone with IBS-D or OCD type anxiety symptoms. It is very difficult to wean off of, but I am now pregnant and have come down to 37.5mg by going down 12mg every 2 weeks with minimal side effects. A perinatal specialist recommended I not completely go off, just wean down. Though the baby has not been born yet, I had a comprehensive ultrasound done to check for birth defects and everything looks very healthy. Good luck and I hope this helps!”

Kris March 5, 2018

For Social Anxiety Disorder “I had anxiety for 20 years and didn’t really know the reason for it. I moulded my miserable life around my anxiety demands and tried my best to change things but all gone vain. It was one good day that I saw neuro surgeon about another issue who prescribed me effexor alongnwith other medicines. While I was searching the uses and dosages of the medicines the word “Social Anxiety Disorder”, for the first time, came in my knowledge. I was amazed that all symptoms and behavioral pattern that were described in this context were almost identical with my situation. I am on effexor for six months and things are altogether changed. My relations with family, workplace, friends are quickly restored. I am very happy and really enjoying my life now.The side effects are far less important then the major damages that the disorder itself creates. Effexor works like magic spell and within days it change the life and lifestyle.”

Salam Esapzo March 3, 2018

For Major Depressive Disorder “This is the best medication I have been given.It gave me my life back”

Sarah (taken for 10 years or more) March 3, 2018

For Anxiety “I have been on this drug for 2 weeks and am already in love with it. I feel like it’s balancing out something in my brain that has been broken a long time. I feel like if I’m not constantly struggling and fighting to lose weight the pounds just pile on. When I stop exercising while sick I gain everything back. I also have depression and anxiety. Most pills make me feel like a zombie. So since starting this drug I have lost almost ten pounds in 2 weeks. And I haven’t even tried! I am less hungry, like if I’m not hungry food doesn’t even look good. I was on vacation for one of the weeks I’ve been on Effexor and didn’t eat the healthiest, but did eat less. I haven’t exercised either, except for a few days here and there. I know it takes longer to see the real effects of the drug, but I’m already less anxious and the weight is just falling off. No bad side effects except a little constipation and a slight head ache the first week.”

Rose March 1, 2018

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