FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: DARVON

User Comments:

For Pain “I took this for a number of years for long term chronic pain. It worked WELL without making one unable to function. I was very disappointed when it was taken off the US market by FDA and have not found anything comparable since. Now I have been in level of pain that is uncomfortable all the time or be doped to where not want to do much. Darvon was linked to causing heart attacks tho my understanding is it is still used in much of the world.”

Cv919 (taken for 5 to 10 years) October 28, 2017

For Pain “This used to be my medicine of choice for chronic pain, and while it worked great, I didn’t feel impaired. The FDA removed this medicine from the market. Now I need to find another medicine that will work, for my chronic pain.”

Doc J. Holliday November 13, 2014

For Pain “I found this bottle from June 2010 that I was given at the emergency room. I can’t remember what my visit was for but I have had a migraine since Saturday. I grabbed this bottle in desperation and it was like a miracle. The pain slid away from my head like taking a wig off. My vision is somewhat returning but the pain relief was amazing. I want to talk to my neurologist about a prescription to keep on hand”

LaTonya D July 29, 2014

For Pain “I’m a paraplegic. I was in a SEVERE auto accident, broken vertebrae, most of my ribs were broken, broke my pelvis and ruptured my liver. After I was out of rehab, 4 months after the accident, I was put on pain meds. First I was put on 500mg Vicodin and after about 6 months I began building up an immunity so they switched me to Darvocet but they were worried about the amount I needed to take that the acetaminophen would damage my liver so after being on that for about 6 months or so they switched me to the Darvon. It worked REALLY well!!! In fact, I was able to back down on the amount I was taking because they were more effective than the Darvocet. My insurance covered it but even if it hadn’t it’s much less than most other meds.”

TommyKnockerz (taken for 1 to 2 years) February 10, 2014

For Pain “My grandmother has been perscribed Darvon for many years now. She has recently been diagnosed with liver cancer and to deal with the pain has been almost handed a whole pharmacy. But nothing (i.e. Morphine, Vicodin) touches her pain or is as fast acting as her Darvon. I would definitely say that for her, Darvon is a life saver.”

Anonymous August 29, 2010

For Pain “Darvon was only one of two medicines, which didn’t really help. Sedating but no real pain relief, sort of a distraction from pain. I was being treated for prophylaxis of tuberculosis with Isoniazid (INH), so my options on pain medicines were a bit limited to “nothing with acetaminophen” -which mostly left the strong painkillers – finally MD found some Vicoprofen, which worked well but not “too well”.”

CrazyMed July 8, 2010

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