FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: COREG

User Comments:

For Heart Failure “I had a mitral Valve repair and my EF dropped to 30. I was put on Coreg for 6 months, and I experienced periods of dizziness and muscle pain. I worked out and played tennis 3 times a week–surprising my doctor. I had no problems, but my EF never improved above 30-35 range. Since Coregs main purpose seems to be to lower blood pressure, I am not sure why they insisted I go on it for low EF. I started taking CoQ10 and no Coreq and now my EF has improved to 40 and I felt better and no dizziness. I don’t believe that Coreg actually helps with EF. I think the studies were flawed to prove something that is not true.”

RBrks January 12, 2018

For Heart Failure “After getting Sepsis from UTI I ended up with heart failure at 35-40%. I was initially put on Coreg at 3.125 and doing well.. Hope to have another Echo soon and see how much I have improved in the last 3 months. No other meds with it. I am so so much better.. Almost back to 100% activity.”

JamyeLouWho (taken for 1 to 6 months) January 19, 2017

For Heart Failure “I have been taking Coreg for over 5 years and it has been a lifesaver. I am 79 years young and my quality of life is amazing. The only problem is the cost.”

Ctnach August 21, 2015

For Heart Failure “succeededin improving EF by 60 per cent”

xnorb May 30, 2015

For Heart Failure “Works well for Congestive Heart Failure CHF,. however, I started using it years ago and we have discovered that Coreg may cause painful peripheral neuropathy. I am not diabetic but have developed the neuropathy and the only guess from doctors is that it was caused by the Coreg.”

GonzoOne December 24, 2014

For Heart Failure “I had a virus infection of the back wall of my heart. In Feb 2007, my EF was 20% and I was throwing PVC’s like crazy. My cardiologist started me on Coreg (carvedilol) but could not tolerate a dose higher than 3.125mg and he also started me on Vasotec (enalapril) and, again, I could not tolerate a dose higher than 2.5mg. In fact, I take my blood pressure before every dose (2x daily) and if it is less than 130, I do not take the Vasotec. By June 2007, my EF was 68% and only the occasional PVC these days. Coreg and Vasotec continue to work very well and have saved my life!”

Astroraider December 8, 2014

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