FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: CLOZARIL

User Comments:

For Schizophrenia “Been on clozapine for over two years. before this I had tried many different oral and depot medications which helped then seem to had run there course with me. although it can take a while to get over the fatigue it causes it definitely helps with voices and delusions as well as just making you feel normal again.”

Elzy (taken for 2 to 5 years) October 20, 2016

For Schizophrenia “My sister was diagnosed with schizophrenia at about 29 after a third suicide attempt and full blown nervous breakdown. She was eventually placed in a state mental institution for ten years. She only got out due to Clozaril. They tried it on three patients through the national institute of health in Washington, DC. She was released to a halfway house within three months. Although she is still very ill, she remains on this medicine for approximately 23 or more years. “

The Q March 16, 2014

For Schizophrenia “I have been taking a small dose 100mg to treat my schizoaffective disorder. I think it helps lower my agitation and helps me to think more clearly. I don’t think it helps with my paranoia.”

MATT April 29, 2013

For Schizophrenia “My older brother has had schizoprenia since he was 14 years old in 1970’s. He has been on many, many medicines with some or little success. He was then put on Clozaril in his thirty’s, what a miracle Clozaril was. He was able to live a almost normal life for over 10 years and within 3 days his life went from happy to hell again, because of his blood test result, we tried to get him back on it but due to the special list with people who have reactions to it are not able to ever take it again. My brother is one of the lucky one’s though he has a family that totally supports him and encourages him to live and do the best that he can. He lives in a adult facility that takes care of his needs and makes sure he gets his medicines.”

candyb69 September 25, 2012

For Schizophrenia “My brother’s schizophrenia manifested itself in 1971 or 2 when he was around 17. Spent maybe 25 years in state hospital and was on everything and every combination of medicine over the years. The doctors were baffled. He was one of the first to try Clozaril when it first came out in 1980-something. Unfortunately, he was one of the few who had a severe reaction which nearly cost him his life. So sad…BUT I am very happy to read how others have found Clozaril to be such a ‘miracle’ for them! The trauma and grief of schizophrenia leaves years of devastation in it’s wake. I am still hopeful that one day he will have his ‘miracle breakthrough’ just as others have!”

Century21cyn November 6, 2011

For Schizophrenia “My friend has been on Clozaril (Clozapine) for nearly 18 years. He went more than 10 years without having a single psychotic breakdown, which only occurred when he lowered the dosage himself. Even though the medicine makes him feel fatigued he has been able to hold down a 40hr/wk job. Nothing short of a God-given miracle!”

Anonymous July 26, 2011

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