FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: CLOTRIMAZOLE

User Comments:

Clotrimazole-3 (clotrimazole) for Vaginal Yeast Infection: “I have Emetophobia (fear of vomiting) soI was too afraid to take the Fluconazole my GP prescribed me.. after trying all sorts of stuff, including the misery that is Miconazole, this finally cleared it up, overnight! However, I did have horrible Diarrhea the next morning AND cramps/flank pain… definitely worth it, though.”

Emetophobe_Liz February 19, 2018

For Vaginal Yeast Infection: “For 20 years I kept getting yeast infections, got miconazole, lived thru 7 nights of hell since the miconazole movement in the vagina woke me up constantly, wait a month, and repeat. The miconazole would clump up during the night and drop in a lump In the morning. I got clotrimazole by mistake in a small pharmacy. I was pretty pissed that it cost me twice the miconazole and had only 1 applicator for the 7 nights. After 1st use I noticed my sleep wasn’t effected and no clumping whatsoever AND the itching was gone with 1 use!! By the 3rd night the infection was totally gone. Cltrimazole stays put and creamy and works 24/7. It is the best cream ever. I am never going back and I google every medication now!”

TTAMSF December 24, 2017

Canesten (clotrimazole) for Tinea Cruris: “The label in the tube of Canesten I bought warned that it should NOT be applied to the scrotum or affected area, unless prescribed by a doctor!”

Perkypenguin (taken for less than 1 month) December 11, 2017

For Vaginal Yeast Infection: “This is the only product that ever worked effectively for me. Very, fast acting, over the counter product.”

Preen January 7, 2017

For Tinea Cruris: “Over a large number of years I have endured the cyclic breakouts of skin itch. I have been treated and prescribed by Doctors to no avail and have given up only to endure again many times.This stuff works. I think it is a topical vaginal cream, which I am without, so I use it on my feet and groin. It releaves the itch on contact, which by itself is a godsend, but when combined with a cortisoid type cream starts to reduce the affected skin areas within days. I am very hopeful it will eradicate this scourge once and for all. I have been treating with this for about 10 days now and will run out of this prescription on the 17th. Back to the doctor for an update and…Whats next. My outlook is very positive at this point.Can’t say thank you enough”

Daveafossil3 August 4, 2016

For Tinea Corporis: “After 2 months,5 doctors and 2 dermatologist $3000 in medical bill, $300 for prescriptions, $200 over the counter meds and various herbal remedies,Clotrimazole came to the rescue.Facial ringworms spread down the left side of my face driving me crazy causing major pain right in the Midst of me starting my business.Health care in America has gone to HELL.”

Health care providers fulla sh June 4, 2016

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