FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: CLADRIBINE

User Comments:

For Hairy Cell Leukemia: “I was diagnosed with HCL 9 years ago, with extremely low blood counts and blindness in one eye due to internal bleeding in the retina area. I was treated for 5 days, 1 dose a day, with Cladribine chemotherapy. This drug saved my life. It destroyed the sticky “hairy cells” that clogged my marrow as well all the good blood cells, so I got high fever after a few treatment days. Under the supervision of the good medical stuff I survived and healed. Today I am fit and healthy, I was very fortunate to gain my eye sight and health back.”

RSBest December 20, 2017

Leustatin (cladribine) for Hairy Cell Leukemia: “Very little side effects. Slight nausea for one day during 5 days of medication. Within a month the white cell count was near normal. Two years later, cell counts are well within normal range.”

davybel (taken for less than 1 month) September 7, 2012

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