FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: CEDAX

User Comments:

For Sinusitis “Well I’ve only been on 1 400 mg dose and in less than 24 hours I do notice a difference already. If any side effects occur I will update. So far just dry mouth. That is great though if you can notice a difference in less than 24 hours! Hope it stays that way!”

marryme April 27, 2011

For Bronchitis “Very powerful and effective. Knocked out my symptoms in a few days. No problems or side effects. Highly recommend”

Johnnybegood January 22, 2011

For Sinusitis “I was really sick and just having a hard time getting through the day. My doctor prescribed me Cedax which I have never heard of before and it is incredible. I was symptom free in just 3 days. I have taken Omnicef before and it is worthless compared to Cedax.”

mistertee January 22, 2011

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