FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: BEYAZ

User Comments:

For Birth Control “I’ve been off and on Beyaz for about a year. I was excited to have a regular period and also the birth control factor. I stopped taking it the first time around (after 7 months) because I felt like I was going crazy. I was emotional all the time, and it affected my relationships and my eating habits. I restarted it a couple months ago, and I have to stop taking it again. I get really bad headaches, I have brain fog, and I feel like I’m pregnant because I crave different foods all the time. I don’t want to work out, I don’t have any energy, and my emotions are all over the place – terrible anxiety. I’m not going to say “don’t take this” because every woman is different, and some won’t experience any of these symptoms. But if you are experiencing these symptoms, I suggest talking to your doctor or simply acknowledging how you feel on it. I’m stopping today, and I’ll never go back.”

Anonymous (taken for 6 months to 1 year) February 23, 2018

For Acne “I was on Beyaz for about 3 years and decided to switch to lo loestrogen fe because it has the lowest hormone dosage out of all birth controls. Biggest mistake of my life! My skin was clear before LLF but 3 months into taking it, I broke out along my jawline, neck and back! To make things worse, I had the worst mood swings and felt like a crazy person 24/7. I thought these were just the side effects from switching pills and it would get better past the 3 month mark but it didn’t. I’m back on beyaz and although it’s only been 2 weeks my skin is getting better and I am back to my normal self – no more crazies! My gyno told me that beyaz is already an extremely low hormone dose BC so it really didn’t make a difference switching to something lower. Ladies- do not switch to anything else, beyaz is the best!”

JL123 February 9, 2018

For Birth Control “Here to give an update! Last time I posted here was the beginning of November so it’s been just about 3 months. Please if you’re thinking about trying it go for it. Safe to say I absolutely love beyaz, the spotting problem I had went away after the first pack and is normal. I originally went on beyaz for acne and bad periods. My acne has never been better than it is right now. The first month was hard but by the end of the second pack, I started to see serious changes. I’m now onto my fourth pack and I still get a few breakouts (small, maybe 2-3) when I’m on the sugar pills but I’m hoping even those go away soon. I used to bleed through a tampon and onto my clothes within 2 hours and now my period lasts 3-4 days, no cramps. No noticeable side effects, weight gain, headaches, or mood changes. This pill is truly the best thing that has happened to me! I feel confident in myself again. Thank you, beyaz!”

shannonc13 (taken for 1 to 6 months) February 1, 2018

For Birth Control “I was put on this pill for two months. In the first 3 days I already knew I needed something else. I am normally quite laid back and cheery but have had small issues with anxiety. On Beyaz, My anxiety was constant and I would get into periods of complete emotional detachment or where anything someone said would hurt me. I would have anxiety attacks so bad that I would scratch at my skin and my boyfriend would have to hold me down. Not to mention my sex drive was pretty much gone and when I would have sex there would be intense pain or pressure on my lower abdomen. If you already struggle with anxiety or depression, I recommend staying away from this pill.”

Anons February 1, 2018

For Birth Control “I started this birth control when I was 18. It was then called yaz and changed to beyaz. I love it, it shortens my periods to 2 to 3 days and that was back then. I have had 2 kids and after nursing and using a different pill during that time I got back on beyaz… Now it has actually stopped my periods after a couple months of use. I highly recommend trying this pill I have had zero issues with it all positive from this gal! ( I am now 28) so I’ve used this for a looong time”

Anonymous (taken for 10 years or more) December 26, 2017

For Birth Control “This drug can create absolutely horrible stomach problems. I went from having no stomach issues to horrible IBS, all due to Beyaz.My sister was on the same birth control while I was on this drug and was also experiencing the same symptoms. I got an IUD and went off Beyaz and my stomach started feeling better. However, it took almost 9 months for my body to fully recover. Horrible side effects for a birth control, would not recommend it to anyone.”

Samantha12306 November 28, 2017

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