FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: AVAPRO

User Comments:

For High Blood Pressure “I just started on 150 mg. Avapro last week – Sept. 14, 2017. I can no longer drink coffee all day & night. I get a false angina pain, pinching. I was on Clonidine which liked but my hair started falling out in large handfuls. Eek! Also, about 30 minutes into Clonidine I had to take a nap. So far, this one is better but my coffee intake is going down to 2 cups and only in the mornings now. I’m a little dizzy for a couple of hours after I take Avapro but Clonidine was much worse, actually. I will see how it goes…”

emmatoad (taken for less than 1 month) September 22, 2017

For High Blood Pressure “I am 63 years old, and inherited high blood pressure from my mother. I have been taking Avapro for about 15 years. Initially it was 150mg but recently as 2 years I have been on 300 mg. Initially after the increased dose I had such back muscle/bone pain, it felt as if an elephant had sat on me. My doctor changed my medication to a beta block but that did nothing to bring my blood pressure down. What annoys me after reading everyone’s feedback, is I have been struggling with exhaustion for years, muscle pain, lightheadedness when standing, fainting even landed up fainting at work, with the ambulance being called. Not the doctor, nor the hospital mentioned side effects of this medication.”

Jellybean48 (taken for 10 years or more) March 4, 2016

For High Blood Pressure “Feeling tired, dizzy, disoriented, off balance, leg pain, feel in a fog, headaches.”

Turbo t June 21, 2014

For High Blood Pressure “Extremely tired and sleepy all the time. Low energy. Even after sleep still tired.”

jane99999 May 19, 2014

For High Blood Pressure “Recently had to up my dose, and had to take at bedtime because of dizziness. I noticed I was not feeling well, and thought I was fighting off some bug, but it continued. I noticed that the nausea and headache occurred after taking my nighttime dose of Avapro. When I quit taking it, I felt fine.”

Marbee (taken for 5 to 10 years) April 24, 2014

For High Blood Pressure “It’s good.”

bogdancimpoae (taken for less than 1 month) April 6, 2014

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