Eyes Getting Hot, Why?


I started to feel hot with one of my eyes since this morning. It’s been like 10 hours and not getting any better. There’s no red eyes, no mucus, I do feel a bit itchy though. I don’t think it’s infection. But it’s just too hot to stay cool with. What do I have?


You mentioned a feeling of burning eyes. There are quite a few causes to burning eyes. Check the below to see any of them fits your situation. I’ll recommend you to call your doctor and have a checkup.

  1. Chemicals in eyes will get your eyes burning, even painful, like shampoo ingredients, chlorine, swimming pool water, or sunscreen.
  2. Long-time wearing contact lens
  3. Environment irritants like smog, dust, smoke, mold, pet dandeer
  4. Burning eyes with itchiness may be caused by allergy
  5. Dry eye condition

If your burning eyes are accompanied by pain or excessive light sensitivity, or if you have any eye discharge, blurred vision, eye floaters or flashes of light, double vision or other unexpected symptoms, contact your eye doctor right away for immediate attention.

If not, you may try use preservative-free lubricating eye drops (artificial tears) to ease the discomfort, or press cool towels on your eyelids to soothe. If you feel it getting severe, or not getting better in 3 days you should visit your doctor.



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