Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) Antibody Tests – Results Interpretation

When interpreting results of EBV antibody testing, the following factors should be considered besides the test result:

  • signs and symptoms
  • medical history

A healthcare practitioner may consult a specialist in infectious diseases, specifically one who is experienced with EBV testing.

Examples of some results are provided in table below.

VCA-IgM VCA-IgG EA-D, IgG EBNA, IgG Possible Interpretation
Negative Negative Negative Negative No infection, symptoms due to another cause, susceptible to EBV infection
Positive Positive Negative Negative Early, primary infection
Negative or positive Positive Positive Negative Active infection, though EA-D IgG may persist for life in about 20% of people
Negative Positive Negative Positive Past infecion
Negative Positive Positive Positive May indicate reactivation of virus

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