Life-extending Weapons Against Malignant Mesothelioma

When cancer breaks in, a best treatment option should always come before sadness. Facing with it bravely and choose the best way to against it according to its stage and location. This rule fits for mesothelioma as well.
In general, the most effective methods include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and new clinical trials.

No.1 Surgery

Surgical options are available for both curative and pain-relief purposes for all types of mesothelioma. It only needs several weeks to recovery.
For the benign mesothelioma, an operation to remove the cancerous area is helpful. It can work as option one for the mesothelioma that is detected at an early stage.
As to mesothelioma at an advanced stage, treatment is usually focused on controlling the symptoms and prolonging life for as long as possible.
Surgery can help you feel as comfortable as possible, playing palliative or supportive role. For example, regularly draining fluid from your chest may help your breathing and relieve your pain.

No.2 Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy means using special medicine to kill the cancer cells. And this is a main and common treatment for mesothelioma to shrink the cancer.
It is effective and viable for patients with all 4 stages.

No.3 Radiotherapy

Radiation therapy assists to shrink cancer in a specific body area both before and after surgery. To put it simply, it uses high-energy radiation to kill cancer cells, getting cancer under control.

No.4 Clinical trials

Apart from the most common three treatments, the emerging treatments are also available such as immunotherapy treatments, gene therapy and photodynamic therapy.

However, those promising new treatments or procedures are not right for everyone. You should consult your doctors more.

No.5 Combined treatments

Since mesothelioma is hard to treat due to its fast spreading, surgical treatments combined with chemotherapy and radiation work very well to increase patients’ life expectancy.
What’s more, methods include vitamins, herbs, special diets, acupuncture or massage can also work as an assistant.