Dysplastic nevus vs Melanoma

Dysplastic nevus vs Melanoma

What is a dysplastic nevus?

A dysplastic nevus is a mole that exists in the spectrum between a benign mole and melanoma. Dysplastic nevus is usually flat with a smooth, slightly scaly, or pebbly surface, and it has an irregular edge that may fade into the surrounding skin. This condition typically occurs in areas that is exposed to the sun, though it can be seen in any part of your body.

What is melanoma?

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that begins in melanocytes. It may invade nearby tissues and spread to other parts of body. Therefore, it is potentially dangerous.

Melanoma can develop from dysplastic nevi. Most dysplastic nevi remain stable over time and won’t progress into melanoma that finally leads to health problems. However, the risk does exist. Moreover, the more dysplastic nevi you have, the greater the chance of developing melanoma is.

The primary difference between dysplastic nevus and melanoma is that the former one is not a cancer, but melanoma is. Besides, the surface texture of them differs. Dysplastic nevus may have a smooth, slightly scaly, or rough, irregular, and pebbly appearance, while melanoma may break down and look scraped, become hard or lumpy, or ooze or bleed.

If you have a large number of dysplastic nevi and become worried that they will turn into melanoma, speak to a doctor for professional advice.

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