Does Wearing Bras Lead to Breast Cancer?


I heard that wearing bras can lead to breast cancer! Is it true?


There are constant and persistent rumors about potential risks of developing breast cancer by wearing bras, both bras and underwire bras. These rumors claim that wearing bras can obstruct lymph flow, which leads to accumulation of toxins in the breasts. Nonetheless, according to the American Cancer Society, the rumor that compression of the lymph nodes can cause breast cancer has not been proven. In 2014, in another study, it is found that there is no association between the risk of breast cancer and wearing bras among the 1,500 women studied. In fact, the underarm lymph nodes are the destination of body fluids that travel up, instead of the underwire. Also, there isn’t enough evidence that the types of bra and the number of hours spent on wearing bras are related to the risk of developing breast cancer.

Even if there are some cases indicating the connection between wearing bras and breast cancer, breast cancer is more likely to be caused by body fats. Going braless won’t help you reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. Knowing and realizing the real risk factors and keeping a healthy lifestyle matters.


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