Do You Know What Is Clavicle Resection?

What is clavicle resection?

The shoulder joint is a complex joint that joins together three bones. Most people think of the ball-and-socket joint where the top of the arm bone meets the shoulder blade (the so-called glenohumeral joint).

However, there is another important joining of two bones in the shoulder, the junction of the collarbone and the shoulder blade (the acromioclavicular joint).

The acromioclavicular joint, also abbreviated as the AC joint, is the junction of the end of the collarbone (clavicle) with the side of the shoulder blade (called the acromion).

The AC joint can be damaged much like other joints and may require treatment. One treatment used for AC joint problems is to remove the end of the clavicle so that the bones are not rubbing against each other.

This procedure is called a distal clavicle resection and often referred to as a Mumford procedure.

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