Do You Know Some Models Who Have Anorexia?

Do you know some models who have anorexia?

Anorexia, also called anorexia nervosa, is a kind of eating disorder. It is characterized by the decreased sensation of appetite, an abnormally low body weight, an intense fear of gaining weight and a distorted perception of weight.

According to the study, anorexia is more common in in females than in males. And it is more common among models, dancers, actors, sports athletes.

Some models had the disease, and some even died of it.

  • Uruguayan sister models Eliana Ramos and Luisel Ramos.
  • Glasgow model Kate Puncher.
  • Isabelle Caro.
  • Male model Jeremy Gillitzer.
  • Twins models Michaela and Samantha Kendall.

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