Do People with AFib Need to Take Anticoagulant?

Atria fibrillation can lead you to a stroke. Because the atria can’t work well with the ventricles and due to the fluttering heartbeat, your blood pools inside your heart and forms clots. If one gets stuck in your brain, you can have a stroke. Therefore, anyone with atrial fibrillation is at a very high risk of stroke, which means you should take some medicine to prevent stroke.

Anticoagulant is what an AFib patient needs. You may haven’t heard of the term anticoagulant, but you must know blood thinner. They are actually one thing. Blood thinners reduce the risk of ischemic stroke by 68%, and are recommended regardless of whether you are on rate control medication or rhyme control medication. So the answer is quite obvious now. Anticoagulants largely reduce the risk of stroke for people with AFib and they play a vital role in the treatment of Afib.


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