Direct LDL – Reference Range

LDL cholesterol levels per ATP III guidelines are as follows:

  • < 100 mg/ dL – Optimal
  • 100-129 mg/dL – Near optimal/above optimal
  • 130-159 mg/dL – Borderline high
  • 160-189 mg/dL – High>190 mg/dL – Very high

The standard lipid profile, as recommended by the Adult Treatment Panel III (ATP III), consists of direct measurement of total cholesterol, HDL-C, and triglycerides, with a calculated LDL-C, obtained after a 9-hour to 12-hour fast.

Certain types of prescription drugs may raise or lower LDL-C levels. Inform your healthcare provider of any drugs or supplements that you are taking before testing.

In women, LDL-C usually rises during pregnancy. Women should wait at least six weeks after having a baby to have LDL-C measured.

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