Did You Contract Pink Eye in the Past?

Did you contract pink eye in the past?

Pink eye is one of the common eye diseases, many people may have the experiences of contracting pink eye. With right methods and treatments, you can easily cure your pink eye.

Contracting pink eye, you may feel your eyes itching or painful. And your eyes may turn to pink or red. If you are suffering from pink eye, here are some tips may help you to cure it:

  • Remove your contact lenses and keep them clean.
  • Keep your eyelids clean: You can wash them with a mild soap.
  • Reduce your time on screen: You can take eye breaks during long tasks.
  • Put cold compresses on your eyes.
  • Use lubricating eye ointments.
  • Use non-prescription artificial tears.
  • Reduce the use of eye cosmetics.
  • Do not touch you eyes with your hands.

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