Diabetes: Feeling Like This Can Cause Blood Sugar Spikes

DIABETES type 1 sufferers need to control their blood sugar levels to avoid sugar spikes, which can cause a coma and cell damage if they remain high for a long time. Blood sugar levels can be raised by foods in the diet and some emotions. Feeling like this can raise blood sugar levels.

Diabetes type 1 sufferers should avoid particular emotions to help maintain blood sugar levels, an expert has claimed.

Dr David Cavan, writing in his book ‘Take Control of Diabetes Type 1’, said feeling stressed could raise blood sugar levels.

“As during periods of illness, the ‘stress hormones’, in particular adrenaline and cortisol, are increased during times of stress,” he wrote.

“Unless additional insulin is given these will have the effect of raising the level of blood sugar.

“This can last for a few hours, or in the case of prolonged periods of stress, for several days.

Stress can be considered as “anything that tends to change the control that you have over your body and your emotions”, said diabetes.co.uk online.

“When the body is under stress, the adrenal glands trigger the release of sugar stored in various organs, which often leads to elevated levels of sugar in the bloodstream.”

Sources of stress which can trigger this response include work pressure, relationships, parenting and health problems.

Diabetes sufferers who are regularly stressed are “more likely to have poor blood sugar control”.

However, there are also situations when stress can actually lower blood sugar levels, according to Dr Cavan.

Writing some situations can have the “opposite effect” on blood sugar levels, Dr Cavan suggested some possible explanations.

“Having spoken to lots of people with diabetes type 1 who have this effect, it tends to happen during periods of high concentration, in other words, when you are using your brain a lot!

“Although brain accounts for only two per cent of our body weight, it is jam-packed full of cells whirring away at high speed and accounts for 20 per cent of our energy usage.

“So if you undertake a lengthy piece of work requiring much thought, remember the brain is going to use more sugar.

“Some people, whose diabetes I have treated, experienced this occurring during business meetings, and will always take a supply ion sugar in with them to avoid any problems.”

Diabetes is a condition where the body cannot control blood sugar levels due to problems with the hormone insulin.

It comes in two forms, diabetes type 1, which normally appears shortly after birth, and diabetes type 2, which develops in later life.

It is possible to lower blood sugar levels through dietary changes.

This can include eating plants such as garlic and ginger.

Eating whole grains is a possible way to maintain your blood sugar levels.