Detailed Information About Severe Hypertension

What is severe hypertension?

Your systolic number is higher than normal, and your diastolic number is lower than normal, usually this indicates blood vessel losing elasticity. This is a type of severe hypertension, you’ll need to see a doctor.

Some people with severe hypertension may have no symptoms, while others may experience a headache, dizziness or lethargy. Besides, severe hypertension may lead to heart failure, coronary syndromes, and a stroke over time.

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What should you do?

Diet and lifestyle changes may not work, you may need medications and other medical treatments to help control your blood pressure. Go and see a doctor as soon as possible.

However, diet and lifestyle changes can help you lower your blood pressure.

Suggestions for diet

Suggestions for lifestyle changes


Severe hypertension may lead to some severe complications, including:

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