Dementia Prevention Workout— Day 27 ( 12th, July )

Level    :  Beginner
Round :  27

Hello!Our brilliant players! Welcome to Dementia Free 5min Workout! Trust me, you will enjoy our 5 min here.

So what is it? Research tells us that keeping one’s mind active by reading, solving puzzles and playing word games, memory training and being socially engaged is effective in delaying the onset of dementia and decreasing its effects.
Dementia-Free Brain Workout is designed for the elder people, who have higher risk of getting dementia. This game is committed to preventing elder people from developing dementia.

Special audio is attached! Don’t hesitate to invite all your neighbours and friends to check out our latest game! Any new ideas or comments are welcomed!

Are you ready? Let’s make it!


Part  I  :  Can  You  Read  Me ?

In this game, you will hear 3 sets of numbers and letters at normal speed and repeat each group accurately within 10 sec.

8 U R 4 5 Q

P 5 F 2 S 8

B V 7 8 S 6


Part II:  Are  You  an  Actor?

  • Clap or Stomp: In this game, you will hear different nouns every 2 seconds, if the word you hear is related to tree, clap!  If not, stomp!

water,  air,  meal,  wood,
tiger,  jungle,  world,  brain,
breath,  food,  bush,  bread,
money, head,  time,  health.


Answer:【forest, jungle, wood, bush】



Part III:   What  Is  the  Answer ?

In this game, you will hear 4 sets of numbers, and use your magic brain to calculate them within 8 sec one by one.



















【 7, 9, 0 ,6 】




Part  IV :  I  Am  Not  Old!

  • Repetition

In this part, your task is to repeat the tongue twisters accurately and quickly within 15 sec. Are you ready?


She sells seashells on the seashore.

And the shells she sells are seashells, I am sure.

’cause if she sells shell at the seashore,

The shells sells are seashells, for sure.



Hope you have fun and see your guys tomorrow! 

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