Defend Yourself in a Nursing Home

There are various types of personal injuries, including animal bites, wrongful death, slip and fall injuries, defamation, etc. Nursing home abuse is one of them. Seniors often opt to move into a nursing home to be looked after well. They can make friends of the same age and get good care from nurses there. It’s a nice place for old people to spend their late years, for they are too old to take care of themselves. However, sometimes unpleasant things happen in a nursing home. When it occurs on you, you should know how to defend yourself.

Generally speaking, there are two forms of nursing home abuses. One is ineligible facilities. Safety is the most fundamental requirement. The building, ground, and room decoration must be safe. And a nursing home should provide its residents with sufficient and qualified medical and recreational equipment. Besides, the nursing home should properly arrange residents’ life. The schedule must be reasonable. Keep the residents physically healthy is not enough, old people’s mental condition ought to be taken into consideration as well in case of psychological injuries. So there should be various activities in a good nursing home.

The other is employees’ improper behaviors. The abuse could be both physical and psychological. The most common conduct in this case is employees’ default on their job responsibilities. The lack of medication for several days will cause deterioration of an illness. And verbal insult may leave a deep mental scar. Moreover, some cruel employees even threaten residents with violence.

If you find yourself or your families in such a situation, defend yourself instead of tolerating the abuse. It’s not embarrassing at all. You should encourage yourself or your families to speak out and to fend off the harm. If necessary, you can consult a personal injury lawyer who is specialized in nursing home abuse. There is no reason that you have to live with these physical and mental injuries in your retirement life. Once you are sure that there are abuses in your nursing home, hire an personal injury lawyer and claim compensation for your loss.




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