Dangers Caused by High Cholesterol

High cholesterol causes several dangerous situations:

  • sudden cardiac death
  • heart disease
  • stroke

These are all caused by artery blockage.

To keep a man alive, blood has to flow continuously to all over the body. The arteries are like tubes for the blood to flow over. The cholesterol is like wax. When a man has more than enough wax in his blood, every minute the blood flows through, some of the wax leaves on the wall of the arteries. Day after day, the wax builds up to be thick enough, and the tube gets narrower and narrower. This is call atherosclerosis. One day, the waxy cholesterol plague drops from the wall of artery, and the plague is big enough while the tube is way too narrow, guess what?

The tube is blocked by the plague! 


The heart muscle can’t get blood so it can’t get enough oxygen. The cells are damaged because of no oxygen, and it’s permanent.

The brain can’t get blood so it can’t get enough oxygen. The cells are damaged, and it’s permanent.

That’s how high cholesterol kills a man.


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