Cucumbers – Different Uses For Beauty & Household

Cucumbers are a vegetable with many uses in kitchen, household and beauty. Many people get cucumbers as a side dish with a mix of sugar and salt or for later use in brine. In fact, the applications of cucumbers on skincare are considered to be a natural component in facial masks. Also, some people recommend cucumbers with shoes and clean bathrooms shine like household uses.
You can use cucumbers together with Epsom salt and fresh mint, maybe some flower essential oil  to enjoy a cold bath in summer. In a tub of lukewarm warm water, add 2 cups of Epsom salt and sliced in 1 cucumber, stirring a small amount of torn peppermint leaves and the optional 3 drops of your favorite essential oil. Then enjoy.
Among uses for cucumbers, soothing swollen eyes might be the most valued ones, which is also the oldest trick in beauty care. The high levels of water in cucumbers can hydrate the delicate skin in the eye area, while keeping the cold of a chilled cucumber in contracted blood vessels in the area – the two effects help reduce swelling. To use cucumbers as natural ophthalmic remedies, you should take a cold cucumber from the fridge and cut two thick slices of it. Then place the slices of cucumber over your closed eyes for 15 minutes or so. That way you will naturally relax your eyes.
Cucumbers are also used to make a toner. This formula can work for all types of skin. If you ever wake up and feel that your own face is quite swollen, then by using this toner, you can soothe and tighten your skin.
Prepare ½ cucumber, which has been peeled and chopped, 3 tablespoons of witch hazel, and 2 tablespoons of distilled water. After that, combine these ingredients into the blender and mix well. Next, pour the mixture through a sieve to remove any solids before pouring the toner into a clean bottle with the tight fitting lid. If you can use these toners, you should refrigerate them for a longer shelf life – over a few weeks.
Cucumbers are also used in natural face masks. The first recipe of face masks with cucumbers is avocado cucumber face mask. Combine ½ cup each chopped cucumber and chopped avocado, 1 egg white and 2 teaspoons milk powder. Then mix them together until they become a pasty, supple consistency. You can use this mask immediately or store it in the fridge for about 1 hour before you. When using, massage the mask on the face and neck as well as circular upward movements. Wait 30 minutes before rinsing off with cold water. Dab dry.

The second recipe cucumber with yogurt is cucumber mask, which is good for combination skin. Mix ½ cucumber with 1 tablespoon of natural / plain yogurt chopped. Then puree the cucumber in a blender and mix in the prepared yogurt. Then apply the mixture over both face and neck. Wait 15 minutes before washing it with warm water followed by a dash of cold water.

The third recipe is cucumber mask for removing stains, which uses a piece of cucumber, a drop of rosemary essential oil and a protein. Then whip cucumber into the blender until it becomes liquid. Next Rosemary essential oil. At the same time, whisk the egg whites until stiff and fold in the mixture above. Smooth over the face, except for the eye and mouth area. After 15 minutes, remove with a damp and clean washcloth.

For those who want to lose belly fat and reduce their waistline while still satisfying their snack cravings, cucumbers are a great alternative. Since cucumbers are high in water and low in calories, they can consume them to fill you up, but not out.
Those people with bad breath after having too much coffee can use cucumbers as a temporary solution. Preserve a cucumber slice and press it on the roof of the mouth for about 30 seconds. In this way, the phytochemicals in cucumbers that have antibacterial properties will help you to kill the bacteria responsible for bad breath.
There are various uses for cucumbers that you can use for your household. One of them is pet removal. Cucumbers are usually used in the removal of snails and maggots. Put a few slices of cucumbers placed in the aluminum pie dish. In this way, the chemicals in cucumbers are reacting with the aluminum from a scent of and unwanted to the garden pests detected.
And, in gardens where cucumbers grow, they can secrete a substance that slows or destroys the development of weeds.

Above are most often different uses for cucumbers. There are many other household, health and beauty uses of these vegetables. Do you have a favorite cucumber recipes or beauty formulas to share? I’m sure you do! Leave a comment below. We will get feedback soon.