Cormillot Diets: Benefits & Menu

Cormillot diet was designed by the Argentine doctor Alberto Everardo Julio Cormillot, specialist in obesity born in Buenos  Aires in 1938.

The principles of Cormillot diet is 6 meals a day, varying “the colors of the vegetables”, products of the earth with few sugars and few fats.

Undoubtedly he is a veteran in the field of medicine with 55 years of practice, and where the work has given him the possibility to publish more of 40 books related to health education, six collections of fascicles and direct the magazine Living Better.

He has also published almost nothing more and no less than 100 articles, and as a scientist he participated in more than 500 specialized congresses on the theme throughout the world.

To this day, he is considered one of the most nutritionists of the entire international scene.

Practical advice from him:

One of the basic and most revolutionary pillars is to make a total of six meals a day, and if you can not, they are preferably five.

Increase of vegetables and fruits, with special emphasis on the variation of color.

We must force ourselves to carry out an intake of products from the land with few fats, vegetables and few sugars.

Alcohol is not prohibited, but you must drink it in a mature way.

Another revolutionary advice by Alberto Cormillot is simple, “eat more.”

At first glance, it may sound strange, but an adequate intake of foods such as vegetables and fruits in the food can make amounts increase noticeably.

Keep in mind that a hamburger can be replaced by several pieces of fruit, something that obviously exceeds the first food in quantity.

Avoid foods that are smeared like butter, margarines, butters and creams, whether cocoa or other substances. It is ideal that the doctor contribute to replace pastry fat with a baking vegetable spray.

Water occupies volume and does not contain more or less than zero calories. Therefore, if in our diet we are introducing foods with large volumes of water or other liquids (soups or stews), we will fill us with fewer calories.

Physical activity, as in all diets, plays a role transcendental, where it is necessary not to fall into a sedentary lifestyle or passivity.

Sample menu:

In the following table we present a diet prepared by the doctor which consists of a total of 1,500 calories.


* * Breakfast: * infusion with half a cup of skim milk + 3 toasts gluten free with skim ricotta + 1 scrambled egg.
* * Mid-morning: * Skimmed yogurt with berries.
* * Lunch: * Lentil salad, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, onion and  chile + 2 skewers of banana, orange and kiwi.
* * Late afternoon: * light soda + 2 cookies.
* * Snack: * infusion with half a cup of skim milk + 2 toasts of whole wheat with low-fat cheese.
* * Dinner: * grilled tenderloin steak + lettuce salad,     carrot, celery and egg white + light milk dessert.


* * Breakfast: * infusion with half a cup of skim milk + 2 slices of wholemeal bread with two flakes of cheese machined.
* * Half morning: * 1 coffee cut + 1 roll of light dough with cheese white skim and kiwi in pieces.
* * Lunch: * Milanese from aubergine to Neapolitan with fresh cheese and light + spring salad (peas, carrot and corn) +
light gelatin with pieces of fruit.
* * Late afternoon: * infusion + 2 sweet cookies.
* * Snack: * infusion with half a cup of skim milk + 2 toast whole grain bread with light butter.
* * Dinner: * Filete de hake a la marinera light (baked and with whole wheat flour) + salad of fennel, watercress and tomatoes
cherry + light flan with 2 chopped nuts.


* * Breakfast: * infusion with half a cup of skim milk + 3 cookies wholemeal with low-fat cheese.
* * Mid-morning: * 1 fermented milk + nonfat yogurt with cereals without sugar.
* * Lunch: * salad of brown rice, lettuce, onion, tomato, white cabbage and 1 hard-boiled egg + 1 apple roasted with cinnamon.
* * Late afternoon: * 1 glass of light juice + 1 slice of lean cheese.
* * Snack: * infusion with half a cup of skim milk + 3 cookies, water with light jam.
* * Dinner: * Supreme to the lemon salad + spinach, radicheta and mushrooms + 1 cup of strawberries.