Can You Talk About Dyslexia Awareness Month?

Can you talk about Dyslexia Awareness Month?

Dyslexia Awareness Month is in October. It aims to tell the general public what dyslexia is and what can be done to help dyslexia suffers.

Dyslexia Awareness Month was created by The International Dyslexia Association and takes place over the entire course of October each year.

How do people celebrate Dyslexia Awareness Month?

Well, the best way is to learn about what dyslexia means. You can find images and videos that help you understand it. Take some time to go through them.

Another way to celebrate is to take part in special events to tell more people about dyslexia. The events can be art exhibitions, dances, and workshops.

You may also donate money to The International Dyslexia Association.


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