Can You Show Me a Depression Online Quiz?

Can you show me a depression online quiz?

There are many such quizzes you can find on the internet. But I think it’s better that you do such a quiz under the guidance of a professional. I’ll show you some early signs instead.

Here are the early signs:

  • Lack of interest. You suddenly or gradually lost interest in things that usually make you happy. If it develops into an advanced sign, you lost in interest in things that you need to do in order to keep you alive.
  • Social withdrawal. This sign is easy to identify. When your family and friends offer advice with a good intention, you feel alone and think they’re judging you.
  • Sadness. You feel sad for no reason or feel a deep sense of sadness for things that usually don’t upset you. Unlike sadness in normal life, sadness from depression lasts for a few weeks.
  • Sleep problems. You sleep a lot longer, or a lot less than usual. When the problems start to affect your function in daily life, it means that the symptom has become more severe.


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