Can You Recommend Some Anxiety Therapists?

Can you recommend some anxiety therapists?

OK, I will recommend some anxiety therapists in several cities of the US. But I think it’s better that you ask more professionals for advice.

If you have anxiety and don’t know exactly what causes it, it’s a good idea to find an anxiety therapist. A therapist can also help you learn how to control your symptoms. Here are some recommended anxiety therapists in different cities:

  • Austin: Rebecca Athanason; Victoria Nguyen; Jennifer Elkins
  • Chicago: George D Beukema; Susan L. Bank; Lauren Niederkorn
  • Houston: Ehrin Weiss; Hilda R. Garcia; Kelley Dawson
  • Los Angeles: Estelle Raskin; Bonnie Greenberg; Grace E Hazeltine; Deanie Eichenstein (for anxious women)
  • NYC: Melissa Cohen; Maria Lakis; Nick Helbich
  • Seattle: Emily Wood; Karen Morton; Laura Robinson

Keep in mind that you need to ask more professionals for advice before you make the decision.


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