Can You Introduce Some Exercises for Spinal Stenosis?

Can you introduce some exercises for spinal stenosis?

An effective exercise program for people with spinal stenosis usually includes a combination of range of motion, strengthening, endurance, and stability related activities:

  • Some people find bicycle riding an enjoyable and rewarding activity. Stationary biking may be preferable.
  • Others find swimming to be a positive activity, or water therapy.
  • Joining a gym and working with a therapist or trainer is often an effective way to learn some good stretching and core strengthening exercises.
  • Taking a Tai Chi class that involves slow, deliberate and flowing movements of the body is another way to exercise and treat spinal stenosis.

The above activities are on the smooth and repetitive end of the exercise spectrum. Patients may have less pain by avoiding the higher impact exercise such as jogging, avoiding contact sports, and avoiding long periods of standing or walking.

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