Can the Diabetic Drink Milk? Which Kind? How Much? Which Type?

Can the diabetic drink milk?

Yes, they can. The milk is one of the best drinks throughout the diabetic treatment.

Milk is rich in protein, vitamins, essential amino acids, calcium and phosphorus and minerals. In addition, milk has a low-glycemic index, making blood sugar increase slowly and steadily, very suitable for patients with diabetes.

But the milk contains protein, fat, etc. So patients with diabetes should avoid overdrinking.


What kind of milk is suitable for diabetic patients?

Pasteurized milk is the first choice, due to its short shelf life and minimal additives or preservatives.

Secondly, adults can choose skim milk or low-fat milk, whose fat content and calorie are both low, conducive to a gentle blood sugar increase. 1% is recommended.

Diabetic patients must avoid drinking concentrated milk as it is high in calories.



Q3:  How much milk should diabetes patients drink on daily basis?

Generally, one can drink fresh milk every day 220ml. For juvenile patients, those underweight can increase the intake of milk around 500g. But they should deduct its calorie from the total calories.

If the patient wants to drink yogurt instead of milk, the amount should be set to half. Because yogurt contains certain sugars and high in calories.


Q4:  Milk? Or milk powder? Which is better for diabetic patients?

Fresh milk is better due to its simple composition, mainly protein-based, low-fat, and slow glucose increase.

Some patients, such as severe liver and kidney dysfunction ones, cannot drink milk. The milk powder is a good alternative. Of course, low-fat or skim milk powder should come first in the milk powder buying. Remember the calorie from 25g of milk equals to 220ml of fresh milk.


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