Can Stress Cause Blepharitis?

Can stress cause blepharitis

To some extent, the answer is YES.

Because it is quite normal if you feel a little stress and sometimes it can be conductive to your daily performance. But if you are suffering from great stress, you are exposed to the possibility of a weaker immunity. So diseases, including blepharitis, begin knocking on you door.

According to some research, lack of sleep, vitamin B2 deficiency, and some chemical sources, as well as stress, could give rise to Blepharitis.

In other words, great stress usually leads to insomnia and you can hardly fall into sleep at night. As a result, dandruff mushrooms on your head. People with dandruff are more likely to develop blepharitis.

Keeping the dandruff under control can help reduce the symptoms. So we advise you to relax yourself under stressful situations. Have a good sleep and enjoy your day!

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