Can Rheumatic Heart Disease Be Cured?


My child recently got rheumatic heart disease. Can it be cured?


Rheumatic heart disease (RHD) is the result of one single severe or recurrent rheumatic fever. It is one of those diseases that can’t be cured and whose damage is permanent. It usually takes a few weeks for an attack of rheumatic fever to come into effect. Although the symptoms can be improved through treatments, the damage to the heart is likely to last for life.

RHD is 100% preventable. Therefore, prevention is much more important and better than cure. Lack of awareness and delay of treatment will possibly lead to RHD and leave permanent damage to a family. The most cost-effective long-term option to prevent ARF and RHD is to undergo antibiotic treatment of strep throat. The procedure is kind of expensive, but it’s worth trying in order to prevent life-long suffering.


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