Can Pure Honey Reduce Blood Sugar?


When it comes to honey, we always take it as a healthy sweetener as compared to white sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. I wonder whether it is good for the diabetes? Can I just use it as an alternative for the sugar in my life?



As a matter of fact, honey still contains the same amount of sugar as any other type of nutritive sweeteners no matter how natural and less processed it is.

Honey consists of the fructose in a half way, which deserves the diabetic attention. Because the fructose can impact your blood lipids in an adverse manner, especially your triglycerides. High amounts of fructose can generate cardiovascular diseases.

If you do enjoy the taste of honey, you’d better add it in your diet with a very small amount. For example, 1/2 tsp. is totally enough in your tea, plain yogurt or oatmeal.




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