Can Patients of PKD Be Pregnant?

Can patients of PKD be pregnant?

As polycystic kidney disease is hereditary, many PKD patients concern a lot about whether they can be pregnant or not. Apart from worrying about the health of the baby, pregnancy may also ggrevate the disease, posing threats to the gravida. However, PKD patients can be pregnant, but doctors, the patient and families need to pay more caution before, during and after pregnancy.

Pregnancy is relatively safe if:

Illness conditions are stable and urinary tract infections are well controlled;
Serum creatinine level is in the normal range;
Blood pressure is within normal range after several measures.

Pregancy is not very suitable under the following circumstances:

The patient has high blood pressure;
The patient’s kidney functions have been damaged.

Treatment option:

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a good treatment option for those who want to be pregnant. Active ingredients in Chinese medicines can shrink the cysts, lower high blood pressure, repair damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney functions. In this way, the patient’s health conditions can be greatly improved. What is more important, it is natural and safe and causes no harms or side effects to the patients. When illness conditions are stabilized, pregnancy can become possible.

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