Can One Survive If He Has Sepsis?

Can one survive if he has sepsis?

It’s hard to answer the question. But, always be optimistic.

Sepsis occurs when your body over-respond to an infection. It can lead to tissue damage, organ failure and even death.

However, treatment for sepsis is most successful if the condition is spotted early and then treated quickly and properly.

In fact, anyone can get sepsis, but the elderly, children, and infants are most vulnerable. Also, people with weakened immune systems, severe burns, physical trauma, or long-term illnesses are also at higher risk. So pay special attention if you belong to the groups above.

Sepsis is a health emergency that requires swift medical care. See a doctor and get emergency assistance if you feel unwell and have a combination of the early symptoms. Early assessment and prompt treatment can improve a lot the chance of survival.


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