Can I Try Coolsculpting to Lose Weight?

Can I try coolsculpting to lose weight?

If you aim to lose weight, sorry, the answer is NO.

First of all, you must understand that coolsculpting is primarily a fat reduction treatment, not a weight loss treatment.

Who may receive coolsculpting?

People who has a problem area they’d like to reduce and diet and exercise does no help.

How does coolscupting works?

A specialist applies a cooling panel over an area of your body—your upper tummy, thighs, wherever needs reducing fat. Then it freezes the fat and you reduce the fat cells, but your weight may barely change or not change at all.

What’s the function of coolscupting?

Generally, it will lead to between 20-40 % fat reduction in a given area. Doctors will not weigh your during the whole treatment, however, they care more about movement in measurement numbers.

In a word, coolsculpting will not necessarily help you lose weight. However, yes, you will change the shape and overall look of your body. Because coolsculpting is designed for fat reduction.


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