Can Food I Eat Cause Gout?

Can food I eat cause gout?


If you like to enjoy seafood, you should be cautious of the risk of gout. Because seafood is rich in purine, the cause of gout.

The different food items that cause or trigger gout have been listed below.

Foods with High Purine Content

Seafood Meat Others
Anchovies Organ meats Beer
Sardines Mincemeat Yeast extract
Herrings Processed meat
Shrimp Meat gravy


Foods with Moderate Purine Content

Seafood Meat Vegetables
Lobsters Red meat Asparagus
clams Poultry Spinach
All other fish Meat soup Mushrooms
Meat extract Beans


Other Foods that Increase the Risk

Natural Diuretics Liquor Others
Celery Carbonated beverages Deep-fried foods
Lemon Sweetened soft drinks Sweetened foods
Licorice Sweetened fruit juices Hydrogenated oils
Eggplant High-fat dairy products

However, the exact food items that cause gout may vary for each individual. Hence, instead of avoiding all these foods, you must identify and avoid the specific ones that trigger your symptoms.

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