Can Dermatomyositis Cause Cancer?

Can dermatomyositis cause cancer?

In the past, associations have been established between dermatomyositis and malignancy, including colorectal cancer.

Dermatomyositis in adults has been associated with an increased possibility of developing cancer, particularly of the cervix, lungs, pancreas, breasts, ovaries and gastrointestinal tract.

The risk of cancer increases with age, although it seems to level off three years or so after a diagnosis of dermatomyositis.

However, dermatomyositis can also develop after you receive a diagnosis of cancer.

Studies show that it is of paramount importance to perform a systematic diagnostic workup for malignancy, always including colonoscopy, in DM patients who are of high incidences of cancer.

Surgical treatment of colorectal tumors should precede the treatment of DM, as DM will frequently regress after a successful resection of malignancy.


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