Can Anxiety Disorders Cause Nausea?

Can anxiety disorders cause nausea?

Yes, anxiety disorders do lead to nausea. In fact, it’s among the common symptoms of anxiety, one that affects the patient’s quality of life.

You may wonder why anxiety can cause nausea. To understand it, you need to know that your fight or flight response will be triggered if your body believes you’re in danger. Your adrenaline levels are raised, causing the blood in the stomach to flow to your head, arms and legs. This is because your head, arms and legs are more important than your stomach when you face dangers. You need your head to think of plans and your arms and legs to run to somewhere safe. When there’s no blood in your stomach, its digestive muscles contract abnormally and acid levels change irregularly. When those things happen, nausea occurs.
If you have anxiety, your body constantly believes you’re in danger when actually you’re not. Your fight or flight response gets triggered too often and your stomach doesn’t have enough blood. Just imagine that. I think now you understand why anxiety causes nausea.


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