Best Natural Supplement Lowering Cholesterol

Above all, lowering cholesterol is the goal of many Americans. Well, now the fashion is to give natural supplements a try. These products can work as well as medications in lowering cholesterol. Meanwhile, they’re natural enough not to hurt your health. These include fish oil, red yeast rice and psyllium. Sometimes, these can work better than drugs.

Natural supplements that are best in lowering cholesterol:

Fish Oil  

According to research, many people now know that omega-3 fat acid helps to clear triglyceride from our blood. In fact, after regular serving for some time, fish oil with rich omega-3 fat acid DHA and EPA can lower blood triglyceride by around 30%. Doctors recommend you take 2-4 mg DHA and EPA per day, a high but effective dosage. If you have very high triglyceride, you should consult your doctor to get a prescription fish oil, which contains even higher DHA and EPA. Studies have shown that taking fish oil can reduce risk of sudden heart attack.

Psyllium, natural supplements and red yeast rice
Fish oil

Red Yeast Rice

It’s a natural Statin. The red yeast rice is a type of fungus that grows on rice. The secret is that it contains a small amount of lovastatin, a type of Statin.  During the past decade, numerous studies have shown that various red yeast rice preparations/capsules can lower LDL level by 20%-30%. However, when choosing from various brands, you’d better pick the one that states the amount of lovastatin for daily serving. 

Natural supplements, red yeast rice and psyllium
Red yeast rice


Psyllium contains rich fiber. As we all know, fiber is good to flush waste away from our body with cholesterol. Usually people should get fiber from vegetables, whole grain and fruits. However, for people with higher cholesterol, taking psyllium will work as well. Psyllium will make people go to bathroom more often, and maybe even a bit uncomfortable as you can imagine.

Red yeast rice, natural supplements and psyllium

I believe you’ve heard about some other supplements, like garlic, soy bean, or policosanol. But I will not list them as one of the best natural supplements. Garlic, soy bean and policosanol are lack of independent studies to prove their effect. We all want to take effective supplement to improve health, so better keep your choices among the ones above.


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